Flexible Teaching Pool Teaching Status end of Term 4 process – check if you are eligible!

Under the State Service Employment Direction No.9 (ED 9), DoE fixed term teachers with eight continuous full terms of satisfactory work have eligibility to be converted to permanent teacher employment status.

This means that those who commenced fixed term work from the beginning of term 1 2015 (and possibly some earlier who have had ‘allowable breaks’ such as maternity or for some ‘late starts to term’) are eligible for this conversion to secure ongoing work as at the end of this current term. The DoE keeps a list of those who they believe are eligible and send an offer to them and also send information in a Circular Memo to indicate to any fixed term teachers who believe they are, or maybe, eligible what steps are available to make a claim for inclusion.

The DoE response to the AEU regarding this term’s process timeframes was:

The eligibility letters have been recently sent to individual employees who the DoE has identified as being eligible on 4 Nov. The follow up HR Circular  been sent to workplaces on10  Nov 2016.”

Therefore, all on the DoE list should have received their offer letter and anyone who has not received a letter but thinks they have a claim to be offered should take regard of the Circular information.

If you believe you should or might be eligible for this round of conversions and have not received a letter then please make contact with your nearest AEU office – phone Hobart main office 1800 001 313 and you will be put through to an appropriate Officer – ASAP to receive advice and support regarding your eligibility and next steps.

This “ASAP” is most important for any Fixed Term Teacher claiming eligibility who has only a contract until the end of 2016 and no continuing next contract offer for next year! This is because it may be necessary to lodge an application for a review of a decision made by the Employer to the Industrial Commission and this can only be done while a person is still a current employee!