Only those registered teachers seeking either relief teaching work or fixed-term contract teaching need to register for the DoE’s new Fixed Term and Relief Education Employment Register (FTR).

Any permanent DoE employee that has accepted an FTP (Flexible Teaching Pool) offer or a substantive permanent position does not need to register their details.

However, it is advisable that those permanent DoE employees who do not hold a full-time FTP position and wish to ‘top up’ their permanent hours by accepting a fixed-term appointment do register.

An example of this may be a teacher with a 0.6 FTE (3 days) permanent position as a FTP teacher, who wishes to also work a 0.4 FTE (2 days) contract for 2017 to boost their hours of work.

The FTR employment register lists the roles that may become available in various locations and schools statewide for a specific term up to 12 months and on a relief basis. Please record your details on this register to be available for fixed-term teaching contracts in Tasmanian public schools.

The FTR employment register can be accessed via the following link:

Further assistance or additional information regarding the above should be directed to vacancy and staffing Services at

Note: A fixed-term and relief employment register is not a vacancy and inclusion on a register does not guarantee any offer of employment will be made.