After the first negotiation meeting, we can advise you that there’s nothing in the counter-claim from the government that will address any of your critical workload issues, nor are there any strategies to provide you with the tools to meet the individual needs of the students you teach. On pay, they are still only offering a flat 2%. In response, we are Walking Off for Workload on Thursday 20 September.

Teachers in Tasmania are the lowest paid, and 2% will still see us remain the lowest paid of all states and territories in the country. This position does nothing to respect the work that you do in a national system, nor does it lend itself to recruiting and retaining high-quality educators in Tasmanian schools, colleges and TAFE.

We have Teacher Assistants earning on average $25,000 which means many are working second and third jobs and/or accessing Centrelink to make ends meet.  This is disrespectful.

Walk Off for Workload
The government is not listening, so we’re asking you to Walk Off for Workload on Thursday the 20th September. Our ACER Survey results show us that most teachers have worked their paid hours by Thursday recess.

As a workplace Rep, we are asking you to organise a Walk Off when your duty of care has ended, in consultation with your Principal/Manager.

Talk to them about this action, and how you can work together to makes sure members in your workplace can take part. Principals will receive a separate email detailing the ask. We’re asking you to:

  • Talk to your Principal about how you can work together so that staff in your workplace can leave after their duty of care ends, so check with them what time that will be at your workplace and let staff know
  • Agree on a time with you Principal that duty of care ends, and write that into the poster attached to this email, and hang it in your staff room
  • Take a 10 second video of you and your staff ‘walking off’ and send it in to Molly at
  • Fill in how many overtime hours you’ve worked this week in the attached poster, and take photos with it. Encourage your colleagues to do the same so the community realises how many unpaid hours you do!

We have prepared some materials to assist you in preparing for the Walk Off for Workload. We are also sending these in hard copy in the mail to you at your Workplace. These include:

We are asking, however, that you exercise your professional judgment and do not leave if you will not meet your duty of care obligations. If you have any questions, please contact your regional organiser or call the AEU Tasmania office on 6234 9500.