The Federal Government school funding calculator, launched yesterday, reveals large Gonski cuts to Tasmanian public schools and more funding going to the non-government sector in the next two years.

The School Funding Estimator* shows that, in 2018, our public system will receive just $7.4M under Turnbull’s plan compared with the $50M due from our signed Gonski agreement, but that Malcolm Turnbull wants to rip up.

Clarendon Vale Primary, located in one of Australia’s most disadvantaged communities, receives just $16,000 next year in contrast to the elite Hobart private school Friends, that will pocket $318,300.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s plan means huge cuts to Tasmanian public schools and a complete sell out of our children’s futures,” said AEU Tasmanian President Helen Richardson.

“Turnbull’s cuts will do nothing to bring class sizes down below 30; reduce the year-long waits for speech therapy or provide the literacy and numeracy programs in schools where kids are currently missing out.”

“These figures make a mockery of Turnbull’s claim that his alternative plan is fair – it’s an absolute betrayal of the Gonski principles.”

“The vast majority of funding for the 5th and 6th implementation years of Gonski are for the public system, in recognition that it educates the vast majority of high-needs kids.”

“Turnbull’s deal is an absolute shocker for Tasmania yet Will Hodgman appears content to let the Prime Minister rip up our signed agreement and entrench generational disadvantage and inequality in our state.”

Under Tasmania’s signed six-year Gonski agreement with the Commonwealth, $100M is due to the state’s public schools in 2018/2019 but Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t want to honour the deal, and Will Hodgman appears ready to rip up an agreement that he pledged to defend.

Further information:

*See attached spreadsheet with the tally of individual school funding figures from the Federal Government’s School Funding Estimator.

Harriet Binet, AEU Communications, 0427 841 760, or 6234 9500.

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