The AEU nationally is ramping up its new campaign “Fair Funding Now!” designed to secure the additional funding and resources that our public schools still need.

The Gonski Review in 2011 found that public schools were desperately underfunded and that a new national fair funding system was needed.

In Tasmania, and around the nation, we successfully campaigned for a new needs-based funding system, unofficially called Gonski, that was to roll out over six years with the biggest injection of funds for public schools to come in the fifth and sixth years – 2018 and 2019.

However, the Turnbull Government started fiddling with the new funding arrangements and tore-up signed agreements with Tasmania and other states and territories, denying our public schools millions in much needed additional funding.

Fair Funding Now!  is about securing the additional funding that schools need to enable every child to reach their full potential