Every School Every Child

Launched in April nationally, the AEU’s Every School Every Child campaign calls out the Liberal Government’s bilateral funding agreements with states which underfund Australian public schools by 19 billion dollars over four years.

Under the Agreement, Tasmanian public schools have been short-changed $473 million between 2020 and 2023 – meaning each Tasmanian school, on average, misses out on $2m annually.

The school funding agreement between State and Federal governments sees every Tasmanian public school and every student underfunded by nine per cent. The Schooling Resource Standard is a federal benchmark, written into law, that sets a minimum funding level students need for a quality education.

Every independent and Catholic school across Tasmania is already at that standard.

The AEU is calling on State and Federal Governments to acknowledge our schools are terribly underfunded and to reach the minimum benchmark, public schools need 10 per cent more funding.

Read more about the campaign and the extent to which your school is underfunded is here.

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