Every school and every child underfunded by Liberal schools agreement

The Australian Education Union today released the detailed amounts of underfunding for every Tasmanian public school as a result of a Liberal state and federal government school funding agreement.

Three days out from the state election, the union representing teachers, principals and support staff want voters to know what is s at stake for their local schools and colleges.

The full table of funding shortfalls shows Launceston College is the biggest loser with an $11.5 million shortfall over four years.

Sorell School is underfunded by $6.3 million, Riverside Primary School by $5.9 million, Don College by $6 million and Lauderdale Primary School by $5.35 million.

“Every school should be provided the resources it needs to ensure every child gets the best education, regardless of their background or circumstances,” said Brian Wightman, AEU Tasmania State Manager and former principal.

“Liberal Party Ministers, at both state and federal level, have signed a funding agreement that leaves every Tasmanian public school and student short of the minimum resources they need to achieve their full potential.”

The Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) minimum school funding benchmark that Liberal governments have failed to reach is written into federal law and was developed independently by the 2011 Gonski Review of Funding for Schooling.

“Funding shortfalls hurt our kids – they mean students don’t get the extra support they need, teachers are overworked and children won’t achieve their best.”

“This underfunding is a huge failure from the Tasmanian Liberal Government – they’ve failed to stand up for Tasmanian children at the federal level and they’ve failed to meet the shortfall so our kids are missing out.”

“This is not about capital funding or one-off expenditure, this is about every Tasmanian school and child missing out every year – on average, every school is missing out on $630,000 every year.”

“For every Tasmanian parent, imagine what your child could achieve with ten percent more funding, what your child’s school or college could achieve with ten percent more funding – that’s what our vote4education.org.au campaign is all about.”

The Australian Education Union highlighted the impact of funding shortfalls with the equivalent teachers that could be employed if the minimum funding benchmark was reached for every school.

“Without this Liberal Party funding shortfall, we could have 1,409 additional teachers employed in our public schools – that’s seven and a half teachers on average, for every school.”

“Every school has different needs, for some it is additional teachers, for others it is professional support staff such as school psychologists. Some schools would run programs to help students who are falling behind and those that need to be extended.”

With the full Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) funding, the table shows Taroona High School could employ an additional 26.5 teachers, New Town High 16.7 teachers, Hellyer College 16.3 teachers and Queechy High an additional 16 teachers.

“Across Tasmania, public schools are making a significant difference in the lives of our children, helping to level the playing field, overcome disadvantage and achieve excellence for all. Imagine what we could do with the minimum funding we know students need to achieve their potential.”

“This election, vote for local schools and colleges,” said Brian Wightman.

The AEU has launched the vote4education.org.au website which lists 60 state election candidates who have committed to fully fund public schools and colleges.


For a searchable table that shows the level of underfunding for each school and college, click here.

Following is the funding shortfall for Tasmanian public schools and colleges by electorate:

ElectorateSum of 2020-2023 SRS + depreciation gap school total
Bass $109,545,685
Braddon $104,872,123
Clark $101,773,863
Franklin $83,959,071
Lyons $73,027,430
Grand Total $473,178,171


Funding shortfall for Tasmanian public schools and colleges

School NameElectorate 2020-2023 SRS + depreciation gap school total Additional teachers that could be hired without shortfall
Launceston CollegeBass11,460,43634.1
Taroona High SchoolClark8,893,37526.5
Hobart CollegeClark8,459,92325.2
Rosny CollegeFranklin7,419,95922.1
Elizabeth CollegeClark7,326,21821.8
Sorell SchoolLyons6,338,33318.9
Don CollegeBraddon6,064,32018.1
Riverside High SchoolBass6,041,08618.0
Riverside Primary SchoolBass5,917,70017.6
New Town High SchoolClark5,592,41116.6
Hellyer CollegeBraddon5,471,42916.3
Queechy High SchoolBass5,368,87516.0
Lauderdale Primary SchoolFranklin5,350,44715.9
Rose Bay High SchoolFranklin5,217,44715.5
Kingston High SchoolFranklin5,151,74815.3
Ogilvie High SchoolClark5,015,54314.9
Howrah Primary SchoolFranklin5,013,94114.9
Montrose Bay High SchoolClark4,996,31414.9
Brighton Primary SchoolLyons4,710,28414.0
Ulverstone Secondary CollegeBraddon4,699,86814.0
Penguin District SchoolBraddon4,594,10913.7
Windermere Primary SchoolClark4,581,29013.6
Clarence High SchoolFranklin4,537,22413.5
Burnie High SchoolBraddon4,488,35013.4
Kings Meadows High SchoolBass4,320,09712.9
East Launceston Primary SchoolBass4,315,29012.8
Mowbray Heights Primary SchoolBass4,268,82012.7
Lenah Valley Primary SchoolClark4,172,67612.4
Summerdale Primary SchoolBass4,041,27812.0
Austins Ferry Primary SchoolClark4,037,27212.0
Port Dalrymple SchoolBass3,917,89211.7
Norwood Primary SchoolBass3,876,23011.5
Latrobe High SchoolBraddon3,865,81411.5
Devonport High SchoolBraddon3,813,73611.4
St Helens District High SchoolLyons3,789,70011.3
Reece High SchoolBraddon3,756,85011.2
Nixon Street Primary SchoolBraddon3,748,03711.2
Sheffield SchoolLyons3,678,33210.9
Bellerive Primary SchoolFranklin3,669,51910.9
Dodges Ferry Primary SchoolLyons3,651,89210.9
Margate Primary SchoolFranklin3,599,01310.7
Trevallyn Primary SchoolBass3,584,59110.7
Prospect High SchoolBass3,541,32610.5
Newstead CollegeBass3,432,36210.2
Spreyton Primary SchoolBraddon3,408,32610.1
Illawarra Primary SchoolFranklin3,403,51910.1
South Hobart Primary SchoolClark3,401,91610.1
Rosetta Primary SchoolClark3,385,89210.1
Ulverstone Primary SchoolBraddon3,361,85610.0
Lansdowne Crescent Primary SchoolClark3,326,6039.9
Claremont CollegeClark3,316,9899.9
Brooks High SchoolBass3,253,82710.4
Exeter Primary SchoolBass3,201,6159.5
Huonville High SchoolFranklin3,167,1639.4
Waimea Heights Primary SchoolClark3,155,1459.4
Princes Street Primary SchoolClark3,078,2309.2
West Launceston Primary SchoolBass3,033,3629.0
Somerset Primary SchoolBraddon3,023,7489.0
Huonville Primary SchoolFranklin3,001,3148.9
Parklands High SchoolBraddon2,940,4228.8
Cambridge Primary SchoolFranklin2,917,9898.7
Lilydale District SchoolBass2,917,1878.7
Mount Stuart Primary SchoolClark2,833,0618.4
Fairview Primary SchoolLyons2,820,2428.4
Taroona Primary SchoolClark2,815,4348.4
Burnie Primary SchoolBraddon2,813,8328.4
Glen Dhu Primary SchoolBass2,807,4228.4
New Town Primary SchoolClark2,799,4108.3
Kingston Primary SchoolFranklin2,788,1938.3
Deloraine Primary SchoolLyons2,786,5918.3
Montello Primary SchoolBraddon2,783,3868.3
Latrobe Primary SchoolBraddon2,760,1518.2
Glenorchy Primary SchoolClark2,751,3388.2
Snug Primary SchoolFranklin2,727,3028.1
Lindisfarne Primary SchoolFranklin2,722,4958.1
Table Cape Primary SchoolBraddon2,720,8928.1
Hagley Farm Primary SchoolLyons2,714,4828.1
Montagu Bay Primary SchoolFranklin2,688,8448.0
Punchbowl Primary SchoolBass2,671,2178.0
Miandetta Primary SchoolBraddon2,650,3867.9
Woodbridge SchoolFranklin2,597,5077.7
Invermay Primary SchoolBass2,573,4707.7
Lindisfarne North Primary SchoolFranklin2,552,6397.6
Youngtown Primary SchoolBass2,531,8087.5
St Marys District SchoolLyons2,512,5797.5
East Tamar Primary SchoolBass2,507,7727.5
New Norfolk High SchoolLyons2,495,7537.4
JRLF – Senior SchoolLyons2,469,3147.4
Smithton High SchoolBraddon2,408,4227.2
Romaine Park Primary SchoolBraddon2,408,4227.2
JRLF – East Derwent Primary SchoolLyons2,389,1937.1
Cressy District High SchoolLyons2,368,3627.1
Devonport Primary SchoolBraddon2,281,8326.8
Scottsdale Primary SchoolBass2,278,6276.8
Exeter High SchoolBass2,272,2176.8
Ravenswood Heights Primary SchoolBass2,265,8086.7
Port Sorell Primary SchoolBraddon2,261,0006.7
Bayview Secondary CollegeFranklin2,248,9826.7
Scottsdale High SchoolBass2,230,5556.6
Blackmans Bay Primary SchoolFranklin2,201,7116.6
Moonah Primary SchoolClark2,160,0496.4
Albuera Street Primary SchoolClark2,160,0496.4
Springfield Gardens Primary SchoolClark2,103,9646.3
Deloraine High SchoolLyons2,100,7596.3
East Ulverstone Primary SchoolBraddon2,086,3386.2
Boat Harbour Primary SchoolBraddon2,079,9286.2
Bowen Road Primary SchoolClark2,068,7116.2
Goulburn Street Primary SchoolClark2,054,2906.1
Wynyard High SchoolBraddon1,993,3985.9
Beaconsfield Primary SchoolBass1,935,7115.8
St Leonards Primary SchoolBass1,935,7115.8
Mount Nelson Primary SchoolClark1,914,8805.7
Richmond Primary SchoolLyons1,906,8685.7
Longford Primary SchoolLyons1,863,6035.5
Perth Primary SchoolLyons1,858,7965.5
Rokeby Primary SchoolFranklin1,841,1695.5
Campbell Street Primary SchoolClark1,841,1695.5
East Devonport Primary SchoolBraddon1,775,4705.3
Hillcrest Primary SchoolBraddon1,727,3985.1
Campbell Town District High SchoolLyons1,680,1275.0
Tasman District SchoolLyons1,676,9225.0
Oatlands District High SchoolLyons1,641,6694.9
New Norfolk Primary SchoolLyons1,634,4584.9
Cygnet Primary SchoolFranklin1,621,6394.8
South George Town Primary SchoolBass1,613,6274.8
Smithton Primary SchoolBraddon1,549,5304.6
King Island District High SchoolBraddon1,519,0854.5
Campania District SchoolLyons1,475,8204.4
Forth Primary SchoolBraddon1,475,8204.4
Cosgrove High SchoolClark1,461,3984.4
Bridport Primary SchoolBass1,448,5794.3
Glenora District SchoolLyons1,424,5424.2
Mountain Heights SchoolBraddon1,400,5064.2
Yolla District SchoolBraddon1,374,8684.1
Evandale Primary SchoolLyons1,360,4464.0
West Ulverstone Primary SchoolBraddon1,347,6274.0
Cooee Primary SchoolBraddon1,330,0004.0
Warrane Primary SchoolFranklin1,326,7953.9
JRLF – Herdsmans Cove Primary SchoolLyons1,309,1693.9
Risdon Vale Primary SchoolFranklin1,307,5673.9
Forest Primary SchoolBraddon1,289,9403.8
Molesworth Primary SchoolLyons1,251,4823.7
Andrews Creek Primary SchoolBraddon1,221,0363.6
Triabunna District SchoolLyons1,219,4343.6
Waverley Primary SchoolBass1,172,9643.5
Bagdad Primary SchoolLyons1,123,2893.3
Goodwood Primary SchoolClark980,6752.9
JRLF – Gagebrook Primary SchoolLyons964,6512.9
Franklin Primary SchoolFranklin964,6512.9
Westbury Primary SchoolLyons959,8442.9
Havenview Primary SchoolBraddon955,0362.8
Glen Huon Primary SchoolFranklin922,9882.7
Riana Primary SchoolBraddon892,5422.7
Ridgley Primary SchoolBraddon890,9402.7
Dover District SchoolFranklin784,3802.3
Ringarooma Primary SchoolBass778,7712.3
Clarendon Vale Primary SchoolFranklin773,9642.3
Flinders Island District High SchoolBass756,3372.3
Sandy Bay Infant SchoolClark681,0242.0
Dunalley Primary SchoolLyons679,4222.0
Winnaleah District High SchoolBass677,8192.0
Bicheno Primary SchoolLyons665,0002.0
Orford Primary SchoolLyons608,9161.8
Rosebery District High SchoolBraddon573,6631.7
Geeveston Primary SchoolFranklin565,6511.7
Bothwell District High SchoolLyons560,8431.7
Launceston Big Picture SchoolBass558,4401.7
South Arm Primary SchoolFranklin554,4341.7
Edith Creek Primary SchoolBraddon530,3981.6
Bracknell Primary SchoolLyons507,9641.5
Strahan Primary SchoolBraddon487,1331.5
Zeehan Primary SchoolBraddon471,1091.4
Stanley Primary SchoolBraddon461,4941.4
Westerway Primary SchoolLyons448,6751.3
Mole Creek Primary SchoolLyons413,4221.2
Swansea Primary SchoolLyons411,8191.2
Collinsvale Primary SchoolClark408,6151.2
Sassafras Primary SchoolBraddon399,0001.2
Bruny Island District SchoolFranklin318,8800.9
Redpa Primary SchoolBraddon317,2770.9
Kempton Primary SchoolLyons238,7590.7
Natone Primary SchoolBraddon233,9520.7
Sprent Primary SchoolBraddon163,4460.5
Wilmot Primary SchoolLyons126,5900.4
Ouse District SchoolLyons100,9520.3
Avoca Primary SchoolLyons88,1330.3
Cape Barren Island SchoolBass36,8550.1