ESP member update

As you would know, AEU ESP members campaigned tirelessly and voted to reduce unpaid stand-down, demonstrating our collective strength. We stood united, raising our voices and taking necessary action to bring about change. And indeed, we won.

Christmas Closure Day payments this week

One of the outcomes of our efforts was the establishment of three new paid ‘Christmas Closure Days’ between Christmas and New Year’s Day. These days were designed to benefit the very individuals who have been subjected to unpaid stand-down over the summer break – ESP.

However, regrettably, the Rockliff Government failed to honour its commitment to ESP members, denying them the payment they deserved. Nevertheless, we are pleased to inform you that our AEU representatives have been fighting tirelessly since January this year to rectify this situation.

Thanks to the unwavering support of ESP members, the AEU is delighted to confirm that those members who missed out on their entitled payments will finally receive them this week. This is a significant win for our union, and it underscores the power of our collective action. But that’s not all.

Superannuation Increase!

The AEU is also glad to share that starting from 1 July, your employer-paid superannuation will increase to 11%, up from the current 10.5%.

This increase in your super contributions could potentially add thousands of dollars to your retirement savings by the time you decide to bid farewell to your working years. It is a testament to our strength as strong, active union members who tirelessly campaign for a comfortable and dignified retirement for all.

First Aid Allowance Increase and Backpay!

These union wins exemplify the power If you receive a First Aid Allowance for being trained and responsible for delivering First Aid at your workplace, you have some increases and backpay on the way: The annual allowance is increasing from or $834 to $854 (ESP) per year as of 1 July 2022, which will be backpaid. A new application will be made for the 1 July 2023 increase, in line with recent union-won wage increases.

This improvement recognises the importance of your role in ensuring the safety and well-being of all within your workplace.

of collective action and the significance of being part of Tasmania’s largest voice for public education – AEU Tasmania! We must recognise and celebrate these wins together, as they are a result of members taking action to lift learning and working conditions for students and educators. Congratulations on your active participation in union. Let’s continue to stand united, fight for Lifting Learning solutions, and create a positive impact for all within our school communities.