Educators welcome Labor’s plan to fix worsening teacher shortage crisis

Media Release
Tuesday, 21 February 2024

Tasmanian teachers and education support personnel have welcomed Labor’s commitment to boost teacher recruitment and provide educators with a pathway to become a teacher in our public schools.  

The Australian Education Union says career pathways into the teaching profession are critical to fixing the teacher shortage crisis. The union is calling on all parties to immediately outline their policies to address excessive workloads and lack of respect which has seen teachers leaving the profession and the state in unprecedented numbers.

“After 10 years of Liberal Government, we’re facing a teacher shortage crisis. Students are missing out and educators are walking out,” said David Genford, President of the Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch. 

“The Rockliff Government has failed to even produce a workforce plan, so we welcome Labor’s first step towards delivering a plan to recruit, retain and respect the teachers we desperately need in public education.”

“Under the Rockliff Government, teacher assistants continue to be stood down without pay for months every year – Instead of providing career pathways, the Government is pushing families into poverty.”

“Rather than listen to educators’ solutions, the Tasmanian Liberal Government have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to improving incentives, in-class support and access to psychologists and social workers.”

“Teachers took stop work action to secure the introduction of Diploma-level Education Support Specialists as a career pathway for Teacher Assistants – a government serious about addressing the teacher shortage crisis would immediately extend this pathway to help all educators overcome the financial barriers to become teachers.”

“At a time when record numbers are leaving the teaching profession, we need a comprehensive workforce plan to address excessive workloads, safety risks, community respect and deliver pay parity with the mainland.”

“Tasmanian educators call on all parties to outline their public education policies so Tasmanian voters can see who will take real action fix the crisis in schools if elected.”

“After more than a decade at the wheel, the Tasmanian Liberal Government have demonstrated they have no plan to fix the damage they’ve done to public education.”