Education review must mean no budget cuts

David Genford, Australian Education Union (AEU) Tasmania President, said:

“The Minister for Education must rule out any cuts to education in the State Budget, if a review into education is to be taken seriously.

“The Minister has ruled out cuts to ‘schools’, but educators and schools rely on the support services of the Department and any review is likely to expose existing failures caused by under-funding.

“The Department currently can’t cope with curriculum work, principal support or even paying educators on time – we don’t need a review to tell us that any cuts to the education budget will hurt our kids and increase the workload pressures currently driving teachers out of the profession.

“If the Minister wants this review to be taken seriously, she must rule out any cuts to education.”
The Department doesn’t currently even have the resources to engage in a Review, let alone make improvements based on recommendations that may follow.”