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New Teachers Agreement Package includes nation-leading primary workload.

Things have moved fast and we have an Agreement that’s been endorsed by your elected Branch Council and Executive and you’ll receive a binding member ballot in early Term 4.

This new Teachers Agreement includes 2 hours per fortnight of instructional load reduction for primary teachers, beginning in Term 3 of 2020.

While this doesn’t yet deliver equity of workload for primary teachers and high school/college teachers, here’s what it does mean:

  • Best instructional load in Australia for Tasmanian primary teachers
  • A win we have been fighting over 30 years for
  • New specialist teachers and more centrally funded staff time for every primary school
  • Two hours per fortnight is the teacher’s time – planning and prep time that means learning can be better tailored to each child.

Click here for a full (pdf) list of member wins included in the proposed Teachers Agreement.

Here’s a snapshot of the member wins:

  • A new Education Support Specialist classification giving support staff a pathway to permanency, career advancement and 52 weeks of pay
  • 4.2% wage increase over two years
  • AST relativity – cash payment of 1% in addition to top of unpromoted scale commencing March 2020
  • Correctional Facilities Allowance of 6.5%
  • Paid time off of 1 day per Term for teachers in isolated schools to attend to urgent personal business
  • New principals classification and incentive payments for isolated school principals
  • Additional 1 hour per week instructional load reduction for new educators in second year of teaching
  • Workload Reference Group to review Professional Activity Days within 12 months, with no PL past 5:00pm
  • Workload review on reporting within 12 months.

As part of these negotiations, Award variations would also deliver:

  • Superannuation contributions during workers comp and parental leave
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave and 3 weeks paid partner leave.

This Agreement is a great credit to all members who took action and spoke out about workload and the complexity of your work. We've shown that collective action works.

What a great note to end the term on!

Member meetings will be held in Week 1 next term and lots more information will come out about the Agreement ahead of the binding member ballot in Week 3.

Enjoy your break and well done – there’s power ‘in union’.

AEU Teachers AgreementSenior School Psychologist Darren Stops explains why he'll be voting "Yes" for the proposed new DoE Teachers Agreement in the upcomng ballot.Posted by Australian Education Union Tasmania on Thursday, 10 October 2019
King Island message on Teachers AgreementGood news about the new DoE Teachers Agreement has even reached the islands! *Please note that the ballot for AEU members opens in Week 3 of Term 4 (not Term 2 as stated on video frame text - gremlins!)Posted by Australian Education Union Tasmania on Wednesday, 9 October 2019

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