President Helen Richardson's message on Stop Work action 24th Oct 2018

President Helen Richardson has a message to members about the Stop Work rallies happening next Wednesday the 24th October 2018. Tasmanians need a pay rise #politas

Posted by Australian Education Union Tasmania on Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Stop Work Meetings

We have held multiple negotiation meetings for every sector of our membership and the Government is still not listening! It’s time to act. There is nothing on the table that will address your workload, in fact, what the Government is proposing could significantly increase your workload!They refuse to negotiate in good faith and are standing firm on a 2% wage increase for all public sector workers.

Your Branch Executive has endorsed member actions in response to the Government’s blatant disrespect to educators in Tasmania. All members are to attend Stop Work meetings at 3pm on Wednesday 24th October.

Meeting locations Wednesday 24 October 3pm:

  • North West North West Regional Hospital, 23 Brickport Rd, Burnie. RSVP here.
  • North West 32 Best Street Devonport. RSVP here.
  • North Ockerby Gardens, 35 Cleveland Street, Launceston. RSVP here.
  • South Franklin Square, Hobart. RSVP here.
  • East Coast Portland Hall 39 Cecilia St, Saint Helens. RSVP here.

It’s time to support quality education

Teachers, principals and support staff believe there is nothing more important than a quality education for all Tasmanians.

But because workloads are excessive, almost half of teachers* say they can’t meet the individual learning needs of students. Educator burnout is high and we’re losing the best and brightest from the profession.

That’s why we’re calling on the Liberal State Government to value educators by negotiating  manageable workloads that put the learning needs of students first.

But Premier Will Hodgman isn’t listening.

Tasmanian teachers are the lowest paid in Australia and that’s where Will Hodgman wants them to stay. Support Staff earn on average $25,000 a year and some rely on Centrelink payments to make ends meet.

It’s time the Premier respected educators.

What is an EBA and Log of Claims?

All employees of the DoE and TasTAFE are covered by Enterprise Bargaining (EB) Agreements. EB Agreements are formal, legally enforceable contracts made with the Tasmanian Government and include a broad range of matters such as: rates of pay, employment conditions e.g. hours of work, allowances, meal breaks; how and when employees and their representatives will be consulted; dispute resolution procedures. The PSUWA (Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement) covers Support Staff employed by both the DoE and TasTAFE. Teachers, Principals and School Psychologists are covered by the DoE Teachers Agreement.  Both Agreements have expired and therefore up for negotiation. This means we are at a crucial time to re-negotiate pay and conditions for all members. After 18 months of extensive member consultation, including independent research, member surveys, and meetings we developed our Logs of Claims. The Log of Claims is our list of priority issues to bring to Enterprise Bargaining negotiations with the employers. We have included a copy of the DoE Log of Claims, the Support Staff Log of Claims and the TasTAFE Log of Claims, but you can also access them on our website at After robust, in-depth discussion and debate, our Branch Council endorsed the Logs of Claims on June 22nd. It was served on the Department of Education at the start of July.

Bargaining Reference Groups and Negotiating Teams

As a member-led union, members play an integral role in the EB negotiation process. We asked for EOIs for the Bargaining Reference Groups, which were endorsed by Branch Council. For the DoE Teachers Agreement the following members were endorsed: Principals: Alex Downes, Michael Hayen; New Educators: Katie Newfield, Bradley Simpson, ASTs: Lillian Smith, Heidi Van Rijswijk, Amanda Bird Extension Schools: Rebecca Mason, Lucie Ellis, Kim Richards Primary: John Heffernan, Sallyann Geale Colleges: Lisa Bartholomew, Murray Ferguson, Kate O’Neil High schools: Neil Harris, Susan Campbell Ex officio member: David Genford. For the Public Sector Wages Agreement the following members were endorsed: Support Staff: Nanna Jansen-Munday, Charlotte Burgess, Denese Sherriff, Kai Schofield Ex officio member: Mandy Jackson. We have also called for EOI’s for members to be part of the negotiating team for both Agreements

Where to next?

All public-sector unions are working together and campaigning for “Tasmanians needs a pay rise”. There is mounting evidence that Tasmanian workers’ wages are continuing to fall below the cost of living. All public-sector unions have committed to supporting their members to undertake industrial action until the Tasmanian Government is willing to negotiate with public sector workers for a decent pay rise. The only way we are going to really win for Quality Education is to have high levels of participation. We need YOU to come to the meetings, to raise your issues, to have your say about YOUR terms and conditions of employment. Union members are in a stronger position to secure higher pay and conditions through collective bargaining. Together, we can win for Quality Education.

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