We are producing weekly EB Bulletins as the campaign heats up, to keep members and the community informed about upcoming events and actions. Click here for the Burnie, Devonport, Launceston, Hobart and St Helen’s Stop Work meeting posters. You can view a PDF of the EB Bulletin here.   

Industrial Action

We have held multiple negotiation meetings for every sector of our membership and the Government is still not listening! It’s time to act. There is nothing on the table that will address your workload, in fact, what the Government is proposing could significantly increase your workload!

They refuse to negotiate in good faith and are standing firm on a 2% wage increase for all public sector workers. The Government does not recognise the complexity of the work you do and refuses to act on any of the following issues:

New educators: The Government wants new educators to give up a week of their holidays, to undertake professional development for the first 5 years of their teaching career.

Rural and remote: Any increase to isolated allowances and incentives will come out of the 2% wage increase. With CPI at 2.3%, the Government is actually offering many members a pay cut.

ASTs: The Government is saying that if an AST wants wage relativity restored, they would have to take a further cut in real terms because any increase comes out of the blanket 2% offer. Recognition of AST wage relativity would subsequently flow on to Assistant Principals and Principals.


The Government has stated that costs associated with wages, allowances and incentive matters would need to be considered within the 2% total remuneration package, including the following:

-Any consideration for Principal Salary Packaging.  This being a significant aspect of the Log of Claims sought to recognise the complexity and workload issues associated with the Principal role.

-Improvement of conditions and incentives to attract staffing to remote and more difficult to staff schools.

-Any improvement and increase in type and number of allowances that adequately remunerate school staff and recognise the complexity, isolation and disadvantage of some school placements.

If you are a Principal/ Assistant Principal, please direct your questions to Nick Donnelly, Organiser- Educational Leader on projectofficer@aeutas.org.au or by mobile on 0417 032 539

Relief teachers: The Government thinks it’s a good idea to cut relief teachers’ pay at a time when many schools already have difficulty finding relief teachers.

TasTAFE: The Government wants to completely remove your weekly teaching load which would mean that teachers will have less time to prepare for classes.

Teams are being told to increase their class sizes while staffing levels are being reviewed.

TasTAFE has not supplied any details which would back up their claims, which is disrespectful to you as an educator.

Any increases – such as new allowances like the Correctional Facilities Allowance would come out of the 2% wage cap.

Support Staff: A new ‘Lab Tech formula’ still hasn’t been finalised despite being on the table since 2016.

While the Government acknowledges that the Toileting and Medical Procedures allowances rates are low, any increase will have to come out of the blanket 2% salary increase on offer.

Teacher Assistant career structure: still no response from the Government on Education Support Specialists, again we have been trying to progress since 2016.

No commitment to equitable access to professional development for support staff in schools or TAFE.

In light of this, Branch Executive has directed members to attend Stop Work meetings. We sent a letter to Premier Will Hodgman advising him of the industrial actions endorsed by your Branch Executive:

1. All members are to cease work to attend a Stop Work meeting at 3:00pm on 24th October 2018.

2. All members are to wear and display ‘Tasmanians Need a Pay Rise’ campaign colours, logos and badges including on their official uniforms.

3. All members are to wear and display ‘Quality Education’ campaign colours, logos and badges including on their official uniforms.

4. All members are to promote the ‘Tasmanians Need a Pay Rise’ and ‘Quality Education’ campaign in their workplace with colleagues, parents and the public.

Sign up any potential members at www.aeutas.org.au/join-now/ or by phone on  6234 9500.

Member Meetings

We have very important member meetings coming up in the first week of Term 4. We have had negotiation meetings for all three agreements with the employer (DoE, TasTAFE and PSUWA) and will update you on how negotiations are progressing. We will also discuss the next steps of the campaign, including the Stop Work meetings, as the campaign ramps up. Please register on aeutas.eventbrite.com so we have an idea of numbers.

Member Meetings in the first week of Term 4:

Burnie– Hellyer College – Thursday 18th October 2018  4-5pm

Devonport- Devonport High School – Thursday 18th October 2018   4-5pm

Launceston- Launceston College Flight Deck – Thursday 18th October  4-5pm

East Coast- St Marys DHS Wednesday 17th October –  4-5pm

Hobart- AEU Hobart Office Thursday 18th October 4-5pm

North East- Scottsdale Primary School Thursday 18th October 2018   4-5pm

Regional and Remote: Zoom video conference- Monday 22nd October 3:30pm-4:30pm

We strongly encourage all AEU members to attend these critical member meetings.

School Association Email

We also sent an email to our school association contacts, as follows:

“12 months ago, the AEU launched our Quality Education for All campaign.  Our campaign is about having a public education system where teachers, Principals and support staff are respected and valued and where our schools are resourced and supported to give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

As parents and carers, we know that you want your child to get the very best possible education.

A survey of AEU members last year showed that teachers are doing on average 11 hours of unpaid overtime a week and one in three teachers say their workload has a negative effect on their teaching. 70% of support staff work beyond their paid hours and Principals are working 60-hour weeks.

Educators at your child’s school are presently in negotiations for their pay and conditions with the State Government. The Government isn’t bargaining in good faith and is standing firm on a 2% wage increase for all public sector workers. They refuse to acknowledge the complexity of the work of educators and there is nothing on the table that will help to address unmanageable workload.

Remember, teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.

In August, members joined other public sector workers in Wear Red Day in opposition to the Government’s unfair 2% pay-rise that would cut their pay in real terms and see Tasmanian wages continue to fall further behind other Australians.

In September, we stepped up our action and joined together in our Walk Off for Workload action, leaving workplaces at the end of the school day when their duty of care had ended.

This action highlighted the unsustainable workloads of educators and to remind the government that if it truly wants to value educators it needs to ensure that they are supported in the classroom and given the time to teach so that students can get the help they need when they need it. The Government is still not listening.

Members are feeling demoralised and they are now being forced to escalate their actions.  From the beginning of Term 4, our members will be wearing and displaying Quality Education campaign logos and badges and promoting ‘Tasmanians need a pay rise’ through campaign flyers and conversations with their school community.

On Wednesday 24th October our members will join other public sector unions in a Stop Work Rally.

Members will be leaving their workplaces in time to attend a 3pm Stop Work Rally in their region.

We are asking for your support during our campaign. You can do this by joining the Friends of Public Education.

It would be appreciated if you could collect your child/ children earlier on October 24th to allow educators at your school to attend the Stop Work Rally.”

Friends of Public Education

We are encouraging community members to support our EB campaign by joining the Friends of Public Education. Please pass this onto your education community. www.aeutas.org.au/edfriends/


If you have any questions, you can phone our Membership Support Centre toll free on 1800 001 313 or 6234 9500 or alternatively you can email support@aeutas.org.au.


It’s essential that we stand together  in union to ensure we get the wins we seek for public eduation. If there are any colleagues at your workplace who are potential members, encourage them to JOIN NOW at www.aeutas.org.au/join-now/ or by calling our office during office hours on 1800 001 313 or 6234 9500.