Many members are well aware of the problems of people they know of, personal or family experience or people in society in general, have with Mental Health.

Don College recognised this as an issue for their community and have taken some action to see if they could be part of the solution by caring for each other.

In an initiative aimed at looking out for staff and students and promoting wellness, Principal John Thompson has helped begin a journey.

After discussions with the college doctor, Dr Jane Cooper who is passionate about adolescent health they decided on a plan.

As a way of making a start in Term 1, seven teachers and 25 students did the course and are now qualified Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA). After this humble beginning and dipping of the toe in the water, the decision has been made to put another 50 staff through the MHFA course later in the year.

The Don College community see great value in training staff to look out for each other and their students. Their goal is to remove the barriers to learning and have more of their students reach their potential. It is widely known that early detection and intervention can lead to better outcomes in treating specific mental health problems.

Congratulations Don College for their actions.


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