The DoE has not made a central directive that all staff must complete Disability Standards Modules. However, the Commonwealth Disability Standards for Education (DSE) legislation 2005 requires that every education employee must be able to meet their obligations under the DSE. The easiest way to demonstrate this is to complete the modules, so most schools have opted to encourage staff to work through them.

There have been modules developed for each sector/context so, for example, principals undertake the Leadership Module. There are eight lessons in each except for the TA modules which has six.  Each lesson in the modules should take less than half an hour to complete and should be undertaken in work time. Support Staff can use student free days for this.

The modules are:

  • Leadership Modules
  • Early Childhood and childcare – prior to school age
  • Early Childhood (K-1)
  • Primary
  • Junior Secondary (9-10)
  • Senior Secondary (College)
  • Teacher aides
  • Community members and volunteers (1 module and open to public)

The website for the modules is:

The registration code is: tas-det