long leave

If you are considering taking Long Leave for 2017 then there’s an important DoE circular you need to read and a few important points to keep in mind.

The DoE has recently sent out a Circular Memo – read it in full here – providing information on their timelines and the process for applying for Long Leave (Long Service Leave or Leave Without Pay) for periods of greater than 20 days.

Importantly, the DoE is stating that the application period closes by the end of this current term on 1 July!

Please read the DoE memo if you are considering such leave for 2017. This DoE Circular and its provisions are intended to assist with 2017 annual staffing arrangements, similar to the application process and timeframes for transfer requests.

We are currently seeking further response from the DoE regarding their attitude to any applications made after the closing date – especially as reasons for applying for such 2017 leave may not even be known by that deadline.

While the granting of LSL and LWOP is largely discretionary for the employer (rights do exist for LSL) you can be assured, if you’re a member, that we will support reasonable cases that arise whereby someone has needed to make a late application. That said, if you already think you want to take such leave then please follow the DoE Circular guideline information and get your application in before the end of term.