National TAFE Day – 19 June

National TAFE Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of our national TAFE system, and it provides a chance for us to remind politicians about the precarious state that the TAFE system is currently in across the country as a result of reforms, budget cuts, and the activities of private for-profit providers. The day provides us with the opportunity to highlight how important a guaranteed minimum of 70% of vocational education funding is to TAFE.

New TAFE Victoria Agreement shows the strength of member activism

TAFE Victoria has recently received a massive win in a new enterprise deal for TAFE teachers. The deal struck between the Andrews Government and the AEU delivers huge wins for TAFE teachers, including pay increases and conversions to more permanent employment for 70%...

Legal Advice for AEU Members

We have a working arrangement with leading Tasmanian law firm Ogilvie Jennings which enables members to be given discounted fees including an initial appointment on any matter at no charge and standard wills at no charge.

TAFE Update

Simon Bailey, AEU TAFE President gives us an update on what’s been happening in the TAFE camp including the audit, a meeting with the new TasTAFE CEO and EB negotiations.

Rebuilding Australia’s TAFE system- AEU Federal

The Australian Education Union (Federal) says the Australian Labor Party’s commitment to establish a National Commission of Inquiry into post-secondary education is a great first step towards rebuilding TAFE, and placing it at the centre of a revitalised...