Support Staff Agreement (PSUWA) update

Progress with Support Staff agreement negotiations has been glacial and that’s why you haven’t seen a blizzard of emails from us on the topic.

AEU win on Lab Techs

Thanks to the great work of AEU member leaders, the State Government has now allocated $3 million over four years to provide an additional 9.3 full-time equivalent laboratory technician staffing allocations, in secondary schools (including extension schools) and colleges.

Factsheet: Support Staff recess breaks

Today’s “Factsheet in Focus” is about morning breaks for support staff. The recess break is distinctly different from the unpaid lunch break entitlement.

Value Support Staff

It’s Support Staff Week 2019! Show Support Staff how much you value them by getting together with your workmates for a photo that backs a fair deal for Support Staff and quality education for all. Download a poster by clicking here. Print out the poster, take a...

Premier gives teachers a lesson in contempt

Premier Will Hodgman delivered teachers a lesson in contempt and disrespect when his government announced schools closures half an hour before a meeting scheduled that could have averted action, the AEU said today. The Hodgman Government then compounded the disrespect...