Teachers fix wage deal issues with affordable claim

Tasmanian teachers, principals and school psychologists have put a fair and affordable claim to the Premier that fixes problems with the Government’s most recent Tasmanian Teachers Agreement offer. The new claim seeks to resolve the dispute over teachers’ workload and...

Premier pay offer to public service

In case you missed our email update on Wednesday, Premier Will Hodgman made a surprise announcement in Parliament that he was writing to public sector unions with a new formal offer on wages.

DoE Teachers Offer update

In addition to considering the Premier’s surprise last-minute pay offer to all public sector workers (see top story), Branch Council has been tasked with working on a DOE teacher counteroffer at its meeting today (Friday, 14 June).

Itinerant teachers and travel time

Did you know that teachers who work in more than one school on the same day should have their travel time proportionally deducted from their instructional load and DOTT time?

Majority of teachers support government offer: poll results show

A majority of educators have given in-principle support to the State Government’s Teachers’ Offer via an individual online poll, the AEU said today. Teacher and principal members have voted “Yes” with a strong majority of 70% supporting the State Government’s Offer,...