Your super insurance changing

A message from Tasplan about big changes to superannuation insurance coming in on July 1 that could affect you.

Anna Stewart Program

We are calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from female AEU members to participate in this year’s Anna Stewart Program. Please send your EOI to our Women’s Officer Kathryn Lee ( by Monday, 22 July 2019. Read more about the program here.

Principal Health and Wellbeing

We are very pleased to see that our years of lobbying the Department of Education has resulted in the Health and Wellbeing Action Plan for Principals. 

Itinerant teachers and travel time

Did you know that teachers who work in more than one school on the same day should have their travel time proportionally deducted from their instructional load and DOTT time?

Factsheet: Support Staff recess breaks

Today’s “Factsheet in Focus” is about morning breaks for support staff. The recess break is distinctly different from the unpaid lunch break entitlement.