We wrote an urgent letter to the Department of Education (DOE) with a request that if you, as an employee, could not attend work because of a situation resulting from the devastating floods affecting many parts of Tasmania, then you should be able to access (paid) Special Leave.

The DOE has subsequently issued a Circular Memo stating that Special Leave is available meaning you will not lose pay if you were/have been unable to attend work because of the floods and that is very welcome news.

In summary, the DOE advice is that you may access Special Leave if:

  • You are protecting property
  • You have been evacuated
  • You have caring responsibilities because of school or road closures
  • You are able to establish other pressing necessity directly relating to the floods

Read the complete DOE memo here.

If you believe you may be entitled to access Special Leave, talk to your principal or manager.

If you have any issues accessing Special Leave then please contact us (Kirsten Siejka IndustrialOrganiser@aeutas.org.au or 1800 001 313) for further assistance.