Thanks to the great work of AEU member leaders, the State Government has now allocated $3 million over four years to provide an additional 9.3 full-time equivalent laboratory technician staffing allocations, in secondary schools (including extension schools) and colleges.

The key movers in this initiative were our Deputy President Mandy Jackson (Lab tech at Hellyer College) and Tanya Adams (Lab Tech at Ulverstone Secondary College).

The allocation will assist with the extra workload associated with STEM, STEAM and STEMM and individual investigations.

The new formula recognises the increased emphasis in science, technology, engineering and maths related activities and individual based learning. Funding of $413 000 has been allocated in 2019-20.

Mandy and Tanya have given countless hours in their own time and worked for years to progress this new formula on behalf of our lab tech members.

This included setting up an AEU member working party and extensive consultation with members on possible models which would address their increased workload due to greater focus on science and STEM subjects, as well as the extension of high schools to years 11 and 12.

We are waiting on the DoE to provide us with the formula and break down of exactly what the new allocation means.