We’ve had another big win for a TasTAFE teacher who has now received two years of overtime payments (2017-2018) for teaching timetabled night classes!

Some of the details of this case are below and, if it sounds similar to your circumstances, take a look at the survey (also below) to see if you are eligible to claim some overtime too.

  • The night classes were timetabled to conclude at 8:30pm, but the member did not leave the site until around 8:45pm.
  • The additional hours worked after 7:00pm were approved by their Education Manager.
  • There was no agreement for the member to take TOIL instead of overtime payments.
  • TasTAFE agreed that the member was entitled to overtime payments at the prescribed rate after they completed the first 2 hours worked after 7:00pm, in any week Monday to Friday.

Take the survey
If you have worked for more than two hours each week after 7:00pm, you may be eligible for overtime backpay. Complete this survey to get support from us https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/88G2B25