AEU to meet with Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan about COVID-19 concerns

Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan will meet with the leadership of the Australian Education Union (AEU) on Tuesday 24th March 2020.

The meeting is agreed following the concerns expressed by the AEU in a letter to the Prime Minister on Thursday 19th March, 2020.

“AEU members are at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis. Not only do they have their own needs and that of their families, but they are continuing to provide a high quality education to their students during very difficult times,” AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said.

The AEU expects that Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy or his representative will also attend the meeting, to work through all of the issues which have been raised by the AEU.

Ms Haythorpe described the meeting as a welcome step forward in responding to the National Cabinet’s decisions in relation to preschools, schools and TAFE and ensuring that all levels of government meet their Work, Health and Safety obligations to workers in public education and their social obligations to our students and communities.