The AEU Tasmania welcomes the Government’s announcement that it is devising a model to change the way Tasmanian students with disabilities are funded in schools. The model will seek to shift away from the current IQ based funding to needs-based.

AEU Tasmania Branch President Helen Richardson said the AEU welcomes the proposed changes.

“The AEU acknowledges the advocacy the Tasmania Disability Education Reform Lobby has done to make funding fairer for students with a disability. Kirsten Desmond and the TDERL have been instrumental in pushing for a needs-based funding model for Tasmanian students with a disability.” said Ms Richardson.

“Parents have been lobbying with the TDERL for over a decade to see this kind of reform, and it’s great to see community support instigating change,” she said.

“We know that there is a dire lack of funding for students with disability in Tasmanian schools, and to shift to a needs-based funding model will help students receive the funding they deserve, and need,” said Ms Richardson.

“Schools are desperately crying out for more support for students with a disability so they can be adequately supported, so we welcome a proposed change in the funding model,”

“We look forward to hearing about further steps in making this new funding model a reality” Ms Richardson said.

Further  information:

Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President, 0408 108 885

Molly Frankham, AEU Communications Advisor, 0437 374 125

Download media release here (PDF)

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