AEU Tasmania statement on planned State Service Stop Work Action

AEU Tasmania members will take Stop Work Action on Wednesday November 9.

Teachers and support staff deserve better than to have their over-and-above efforts constantly ignored.

Our students also deserve better than to learn in an education system that is overstretched and under-resourced, and not allowing them to reach their full potential. Student learning conditions are educator working conditions, and if we don’t get that right, it’s our children that suffer.

It says a lot about how much this government values its public sector workforce, including educators, when right across the board, workers feel they have to take stop work action in order to see improved working conditions.

Stop work action is always a last resort for educators – they do not wish to further the learning disruption caused by government neglect. But when the State Government refuses to act to lift learning, educators will.

Teachers and support staff enjoyed wide community support for our last Stop Work action because Tasmanians know educators are burning out and students are missing out. As long as the Government fails to listen and act, educators will keep fighting to lift learning and improve working conditions.