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President’s Wrap

It’s been a very long year but now, because of your activism, we have successfully negotiated some great wins for our members (and our students) through our EB campaigns.

Two Agreements have been fully registered – DoE Teachers and TasTAFE Teachers, with more to come for support staff and allied health professionals. In this eReporter you’ll find more details on implementation of the Agreements, as well as Christmas AEU Office closure dates and a Teachers Health update.

While we should be very proud of our achievements, we know that an EB on its own is not a ‘silver bullet’ for what is needed to deliver a quality education that every student deserves.

It’s not rocket science to work out what’s wrong with education in Australia. Two simple actions would change the trajectory of our schools: fund public education fairly and instead of telling educators what to do, ask them what they need.

If you want to get education right, you must listen to educators. Decisions about teaching methods, policy, and the resources and support that our schools need, should be made by educators not politicians.

A perfect case is NAPLAN. Had the teaching profession been asked if it was a good idea to subject students to high stakes testing every year, the answer would be a resounding ‘no’.

We would not expose our students to this stressful process that really only provides a narrow and incomplete picture of a student’s education. Nor would we support the misuse of NAPLAN data with unfair and simplistic school rankings.

Had educators been asked about the importance of early childhood education, we would not be in a position where the Federal Government refuses to commit ongoing funding for universal access for 4-year olds to 15 hours of quality pre-school education.

Until all governments (both Federal and State) prioritise education and are prepared to invest in our children’s future, with a vision beyond the next political cycle, nothing will change. We will still be relying on your goodwill to hold together a failing system that continues to allow some students to ‘miss out’. For too long you have continued to take on more and more, and unmanageable workload is now accepted as normal.

Governments have a moral obligation to fully fund public schools and ensure that all children in Australia get a fair go and give their schools the resources that they need to provide an outstanding education.

We will keep campaigning for a fairer funding system as it’s the right thing to do.

In the words of Alan Reid: ‘It has never been as important as now for the whole community to support, nurture and strengthen our public schools and to celebrate the contribution they make to the common good’.

I wish you all a safe and restful break. You’ve earned a rest after once again contributing so much to the education of Tasmanians.


Christmas office closure

The AEU Hobart office will close at 10:30am on Friday 20th December and re-open at 8:30am on Monday 6th January 2020. Contact details for urgent matters can be obtained by calling the Hobart Office on (03) 6234 9500 or 1800 001 313 or by email:

A reminder that movie tickets are no longer sold from the AEU office and will not be available in 2020.


Teachers and TAFE Agreement implementation

In case you missed it – two Agreements were registered in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission – DoE Teachers and TasTAFE Teachers. Congratulations!

What does that mean? Well, there will be pay rises in March and two hours per fortnight instructional load reduction for primary teachers starting Term 3, but some benefits will start flowing almost immediately.

Here’s a few key things that start immediately or in the first full pay period:

  • Corrections Allowance – payable during leave for those undertaking duties at correctional facilities, including Ashley School.
  • Principals begin to receive isolated schools allowance where applicable.
  • Principals transferred to new classification.
  • School psychologists can move to Band 1 Level 13 if they’ve been at Band 1 Level 12 for 12 months.
  • Superannuation employer contributions – for employees on workers compensation and while on unpaid parental leave.
  • Three weeks paid partner leave and 16 weeks’ paid parental leave.

And some more things to look forward to in 2020:

  • Wage increases from first full pay period after 1 March 2020 and 1 March 2021.
  • AST relativity: increase of $1,050 to Band 2 AST immediately before the wage increases in March 2020.
  • Isolated Schools – paid time off to attend urgent personal business – from Term 1 2020.
  • Primary instructional load reduction of two hours per fortnight – starts Term 3 2020.
  • BeTTR time for second year teachers of 1 hour per week.

It’s wonderful to be able to deliver such great news before we all break for Christmas, congratulations on taking the collective action to achieve these great improvements.


New position? New colleague? Update details!

Do you have a new position for 2020? Has a new colleague joined your workplace?

Update your details with us now so you get the information relevant to you. It’s easy and secure through our website, just click here:


Member Advisory Officer

Do you want to support educators in our schools, colleges and TAFE and have a passion for public education? We are seeking a Member Advisory Officer to provide advice to AEU members on a range of workplace queries.

The successful applicant will be based in our Hobart office with great conditions in a permanent, full-time position following the standard probationary period.

Applications must address the selection criteria, download the position documents below:

When applying for this position, please email:

    1. a covering letter
    2. an application that addresses each of the Selection Criteria
    3. include your resume.

Email your application to by 5.00pm, Friday 17 January 2020.

If you have any queries about the position, please email:


Teachers Health

Teachers Health would like to wish you well for the holiday season with an offer for AEU members.

If you’re already a Teachers Health member, you can recommend a friend/family member/colleague to join the health fund and be rewarded with a $50 eGift card!

Click here to find out more

The special 6 week offer from Teachers Health for new fund members is only available until 31 January. For a full list of member benefits, check out:

All the best for a safe and happy Christmas Season from Teachers Health.


Educators Declare – Climate Emergency

A Victorian educator has started an ‘Educators Declare’ movement to advocate for emergency action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Click here to sign the declaration or find out more

From the ‘Educators Declare’ website:

The emergency declaration movement

Catastrophic climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are serious threats to our survival, both now and in the future. The climate emergency movement calls for governments to declare an emergency and mobilise a response at sufficient scale and speed.

Why educators should declare

As educators we are responsible for preparing children and young adults for the future. The twin ecological crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss threaten this future. Students’ wellbeing is impacted by the climate change related events we are already seeing. The human right of access to education is at risk when students cannot safely attend school due to extreme weather conditions and unprecedented bushfires. Educators are well placed to advocate for and support humanity’s transition to an ecologically responsible future.


Changed your work arrangements?

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If anything about your work arrangements has changed such as your FTE status, or you’re taking maternity leave, or you’re retiring soon then you must let us know straight away so we can make appropriate amendments to your membership subscription payments.

It’s now even more important that you keep us up to date with your current or future working arrangement because there is a three-month cap on refunds for subscriptions.

For example, if you retire this week but wait six months to inform us, the maximum refund we can give you is three months’ worth of subscriptions.

There are several quick and easy ways to let us know about any changes to your circumstances:

Call us Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 5pm, on 6234 9500 or 1800 001 313  (free call outside Hobart)


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