National Support Staff Week kicks off next week (Monday, August 14) and it’s an opportunity to celebrate all the great work of your colleagues in this sector. It is also timely, as the AEU has commenced workload reference groups to identify the key workload pressures in each sector, region and job role and is asking members to get together and propose solutions to these pressures.

To acknowledge and celebrate this we invite you to organise a function or morning tea. You can access a function allowance to help fund this; – here’s the form to download and print.

As a fun activity, we’ve made some special “speech bubble” posters for you to use during Support Staff Week. They have been sent out to your workplace Reps this week so keep an eye out for them.

Ask people to complete the caption on the poster, take a photo (or a “selfie”) and email it to us for Facebook.

Here are the links to the materials:

Email pics to

If you would like an Organiser to attend your event or update you with information to share with Support Staff colleagues then email

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