AEU support prompts school workplace improvement

STAFF at a Tasmanian public school are celebrating after AEU assistance saw teachers granted rightful break entitlements.

The Union this week responded to issues raised at a Tasmanian school by staff who were not receiving their full 30-minute lunch break.

After speaking with the school’s leadership about the matter, the AEU was later informed the issue had been resolved .

The member win has delighted school staff who were quick to thank Union organisers for their support.

“An email arrived to staff about the change in duty times to ensure lunch breaks. Thank you for raising this on our behalf,” one member said.

AEU Tasmanian Branch Southern Organiser Leeanne Clifford said the success highlighted the importance of securing union membership.

“The AEU receives many enquiries around workload and entitlements,” she said.

“Many issues we hear about can be resolved at a workplace level, however more complex issues are often referred to our Member Services team, which can provide more comprehensive support.”

Leeanne Clifford said AEU organisers – who undertake frequent school visits – provided pivotal support to members in a timely manner.

“Being an organiser is an important role as it can be the conduit between staff members and workplace issues,” she said.

“Organisers can support all members to ensure healthy and safe working conditions. Ultimately we want our education staff to feel valued and that their voice is heard.

“After all, we are a member-led union so they are the union.”

AEU members are secure in the knowledge that their union is there for support when they need it most, and in union, conditions can be improved for all educators.

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