AEU proud to march in Pride parade

AEU members and staff were all too proud to join people from Tasmania’s LGBTIQ+ community parading for a more inclusive society.

Hobart’s annual TasPride Parade saw hundreds storm the city’s streets shining a colourful light on Tasmania’s growing LGBTIQ+ community.

Flying the AEU flag through the parade alongside union member Kirsten Bacon was AEU Organiser Leeanne Clifford who said she looks to “enrich my learning all the time”.

“It’s important to be educated and to be aware of issues around you,” she said.

“I attended the Pride event to support my friends and colleagues on their gender identity journey.  I aim to listen, learn and support by being aware, being a mentor and speaking up about injustices and misunderstandings that still pervade the LGBTIQA+ community.”

Leeanne said it is important to respect other people’s values and decisions especially in regard to gender identity.

“I will continue to stand up and speak out against bigotry and violence against the people I admire, love and respect.  I will always stand with them to pursue change.”