Today the AEU Tasmania Branch Executive is submitting the AEU Log of Claims to the Department of Education and TasTAFE. The Log of Claims launches the EB campaign to recruit and retain the best and brightest teachers and support staff and recognise educators for the valuable work they do.

Both the Log of Claims for the Teachers Agreement and the Log of Claims for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement will be submitted today, covering teachers, principals and support staff in schools, colleges and TAFE.

AEU Tasmania Branch State Manager, Roz Madsen, said these Logs of Claims have been developed over an 18-month period and are based on extensive member consultation.

“We need to recruit, retain and recognise educators. To encourage people into the profession and keep them here in Tasmania we need a nationally competitive salary that recognises the important work that teachers and support staff do,” said Roz Madsen.

“Our Logs of Claims for both teachers and principals under the Teachers Agreement and for support staff under the Public Sector Union Wages Agreement (PSUWA) are about ensuring that every Tasmanian student has access to a quality education, no matter where they live,” said Ms Madsen.

“Tasmanian teachers are currently the lowest paid in the country and this will continue under the Government’s 2 per cent wage cap. Tasmanian students deserve to be taught by the highest quality educators, so we need to keep them here with a nationally competitive salary. We need to pay our educators fairly and equal with the rest of the country.

“Our members are calling for 3 per cent in the first year of the Agreement for teachers, and then a wage nexus with public sector educators in Australia that means our teachers will be paid fairly. Tasmanian students have amongst the highest needs of any state in Australia, so why should Tasmanian teachers be paid the least?

“We are seeking to reduce the administrative burden placed on teachers, principals and support staff, so they have more time to focus on their core duty of high quality teaching.

“Our teachers, principals and support staff are calling for more support and the resources they need to deliver the highest possible quality education to Tasmanian students.

“We’re also calling for action on Principal Health and Wellbeing. Principals are doing 60 hour weeks and the stress is having detrimental effects on Principals. We need to support Principals to be high quality educational leaders.”

Further information:

Molly Frankham, AEU Communications, 0437 374 125, or 6234 9500.

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