This is a brief member update on the work being undertaken by the AEU/DoE Workload Reference Committee. You will recall that as part of the negotiations for the current teacher agreement, there is a leave reserve matter to ‘establish a joint AEU/DoE Working Party to address teacher workload issues’.

The meetings have provided opportunity to clarify exactly what the workload issues are and ensure solutions will alleviate workload. Progress is slow but steady.

The DoE understand that the workload issue in attendance is associated with the follow up of absent students. They are now considering their position on who does the follow up and how we can alleviate this burden and create consistency.

AEU have sought clarification and consistency in reporting by trying to get two proformas – one for primary and one for secondary that ensure consistency and keep workload under control.

We have also discussed IEPs. The AEU are seeking clarification on requirements for IEPs and seeking to limit their use and/ or streamline their use into the reporting process.

Lucie Ellis

Heather Griffin