About the AEU

We are the voice of public education in Tasmania. We represent and advocate for all teachers, principals and support staff working in government schools, colleges and TAFE.

AEU Tasmania is the state branch of the Australian Education Union – the federal union for teachers, principals, education support staff and all educators working in government schools and government-funded early childhood, TAFE and adult education. The Tasmanian Branch was formed by the amalgamation of the three foundation unions – Tasmanian Teachers Federation, Secondary Colleges Staff Association and the Tasmanian TAFE Staff Society – and has more than 6000 members.

What we do

AEU Tasmania services the personal, professional and industrial needs of its members. We work with you to improve your conditions of employment and to advance your professional interests and promote the value of educators in the community. We advocate and campaign for fully funded public education and vocational training.

Personal Assistance

If you experience a problem at work, or simply need professional advice, AEU staff are available for support and advice. Industrial Support Officers are your first point of contact by telephone, email, letter or by appointment. AEU organisers visit workplaces regularly and are available to members.

Professional Support and Advocacy

The AEU can take up professional issues on your behalf as individuals or as groups, from teaching and learning to career advancement and professional development.

Industrial Representation The AEU liaises with employers on your behalf and represents members in industrial matters. We lobby and negotiate to improve the working conditions and salaries of members and address key issues facing the profession.<

AEU Tasmania Branch Council

The Branch Council is the supreme decision making body of the AEU and meets three times a year to debate and endorse policy. The Council comprises all Branch Executive members plus representatives from the General Division (South, North, North-West, Allied Staff, Secondary Colleges) and The TAFE Division (7 members). The number of delegates is determined by a formula relevant to the number of members in each region.

AEU Tasmania Branch Executive

Branch Executive is the employer of staff at the AEU and deals with professional, industrial, political and administrative issues. TAFE Executive and Secondary Colleges Committee of Management decide on matters discrete to their sectors; all other matters are sent to Branch Executive.

Workplace Reps

We have a network of more than 200 workplace Reps in schools and colleges across the state. Reps play a vital role in the union and are the first point of contact for members seeking information about workplace issues, conditions and entitlements.