A future made in Australia: TAFE at its heart 

The Australian Education Union welcomes the Albanese Government’s $600 million investment in skills and training as part of the 2024-2025 Federal Budget. 

Federal President Correna Haythorpe said: “This commitment will be welcomed by our members in TAFE across Australia as it will provide the much needed funding we have been campaigning for as part of the rebuild of TAFE. 

“In particular we welcome: 

  • 15,000 free-free TAFE and VET places 
  • $55.6M over 4 years for the Building Women’s Careers Program 
  • $91 million over 5 years for the “Skilling The Clean Energy Workforce” 
  • $90.6 million over 3 years to help skill the housing reconstruction workforce 
  • $265.1 for the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Scheme 
  • $27.7 million over 4 years to deliver greater collaboration between VET and higher education 

“TAFE is at the heart of a future made in Australia and this funding will enable more Australians to access vocational education. 

“This funding along with the National Skills Agreement, establishment of Jobs and Skills Australia and the VET Workforce Blueprint Strategy brings 

to life the Albanese Government’s commitment to rebuild the capacity of TAFE. 

“The AEU’s TAFE members experienced a decade of destruction and neglect under the previous coalition government. Now the focus has to be on rebuilding the workforce and supporting TAFE teachers to deliver the high quality skills and knowledge required for the 21st century.” 

Investment into education is an investment into the future of our country and we are pleased the Government has listened to our calls to fund TAFE.” 

Early Childhood 

The Australian Education Union also welcomed the commitment to provisional funding for increased wages for all early childhood teachers and educators. 

“Early Childhood Education and Care has an undervalued and feminised workforce which is providing extraordinary care and education for children in preschools and early learning settings. However, there is unfinished business in the sector and we reiterate our call for funding for 2 years of universal access to preschool for all 3 and 4 years olds.”