Message from AEU President David Genford

Well, we’re now in Week 3, leaving only six and a bit weeks left for the school year. A scary or pleasing reality, depending on how you look at it. So much to do, so little time, but a rewarding break awaits at the end of it. For me, the only disappointment is that some […]

National push to make workplaces Covid-safe

The coronavirus pandemic is presenting unique challenges to all staff working in public education. Your health and safety is the AEU’s highest priority at this time.  Australian Unions and ACTU Centre for Health and Safety have developed a range of fact sheets for workers, so you can ensure your workplace is COVID-Aware.  Access the Covid Aware kit here.  Other states have progressed their Covid classroom preparedness, […]

Fighting for TasTAFE

The Tasmanian Government is pushing ahead with its ideologically driven privatisation model for TasTAFE which will be disastrous for students and local industry as ‘fees go up and quality goes down’.  “TasTAFE is an affordable high-quality nationally accredited public education provider and forcing it to operate like a business is code for job cuts, course cuts and fee hikes,” said […]